Exceptional Antique Museum Quality Limoges Paris Comte D'Artois Litron Coffee Moka Cup circa 1780 v685

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Antique Limoges Comte D'Artois

64 gr

cup : 5 cm (1 15/16") tall x 6,5 cm (2 7/8") wide

Made by the manufacture of the Comte d'Artois brother of Louis XVI and king of France under the name of Charles X
Under the cup, Red Crown marked CP stands for Charles-Philippe (D'Artois). This mark was used from 1779 to 1790.

The porcelain cup and saucer were made in Limoges and then decorated in Paris Faubourg Saint Denis workshop.

This is a moka Coffee cup used in the XVIIIe century by the highest nobles

This is an exceptional piece of French Limoges Porcelain History

Materials: ceramic,pottery,porcelain

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