Rare Antique Sevres Plate from the last king of France Louis Philippe 1846 v923

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Antique Sevres Plate Chateau des Tuileries

437 g. 23,5 cm (9 1/2")

This is a genuine Sevres plate authentified by the 3 stamps :

Green : SV LP 46
Bleu : Sevres 1846 (stamp used from 1845 to 1848)
Red : castle mark for Chateau des Tuileries

This plate is part of a set specially made in 1846 for the last king of France, Louis Philippe for the residence Chateau des Tuileries. The gold "LP" monogram is for Louis Philippe.

An old label at the back with hand writing says : "Service de Louis Philippe". It looks like this plate could be part of the personal set used by the last king of France.

The plate is in very good condition with no chips or cracks.

Materials: porcelain

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